A Collaborative Community Project

Gender Warriors

Gender Warriors is an Evansville based group that serves as an educational, advocacy, and social group for Trans* / Genderqueer / Gender Non-Conforming people and others who want to further the cause. For more information about their group and resources tailored to the trans* community, please visit their website.

Tri-State Alliance

Tri-State Alliance (TSA) is a regional organization that serves the diverse gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community in Southwestern Indiana, Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois. TSA aims to educate community members by sponsoring guest speakers, engage the media on relevant LGBT issues, and train public/social service organizations through diversity education. To learn more about TSA, please visit their website.

Tri-State Safe Zone Initiative

Guided by a core set of principles, the initiative aims to mobilize stakeholders in a way that promotes involvement in local, county, state and national public sectors and policy; to identify individuals and local groups who offer supportive and inclusive environments; and to provide a public forum that allows our allies to be visible in various sectors of the Tri-State community. To learn more about this initiative, please visit their website.

Lampion Center

Lampion Center is a non-profit counseling agency that has served the residents of Vanderburgh, Posey, and Warrick counties since 1885. Through the expertise of their professional staff and education of Board of Directors, Lampion Center provides a variety of services and programs to meet the needs of our community. For more information and Lampion Center, please visit their website.

Echo Community Health

Echo Community Health Care aims to eliminate health disparities in our community by providing affordable, accessible & appropriate comprehensive healthcare to the uninsured, under insured and the homeless. Quality services are provided by their team of caring, respectful professionals who advocate for the patient. For more information about their organization, please visit their website.

USI Center for Social Justice Education

The CSJE is dedicated to individual and society well-being in a global community; promoting critical thinking and a systems perspective across agencies, institutes, departments, and individuals to pursue social change for all individuals’ well-being. For more information about CSJE, please visit their website.

Our Endorsements

Building an Inclusive Community as a Community

Mapping our Strengths

Youth Resources

Youth Resources of Evansville strives to motivate and empower youth to make a positive difference within our society through understanding and action based on effective and compassionate leadership and civic engagement. For more information about their organization, please visit their website.

Vanderburgh Community Foundation

The Vanderburgh Community Foundation is a nonprofit, public charity created by and for the people of Vanderburgh County. Simply put, they connect donors with the causes they care about. For more information about the foundation, please visit their website.

We believe there are many supportive environments within our city for community members who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and/or transgender (LGBT), their families, and friends. We also believe these supportive environments recognize the diversity in race, religion, age, disability, and socio-economic status within our LGBT community. Together, we can increase the visibility of our community by highlighting its strengths. Please join us in creating the first LGBT resource guide for the city of Evansville and the surrounding area.