Downloadable Guide

Click the link below to view a PDF version of the initial resource guide and to learn more about the project.

Introducing Our Map Evansville Members

 A Collaborative Community Project

How to Read the Map

Categories: Each Map Evansville member is listed under their respective categories to assist users to easily find specific services. On the interactive map, they are color-coded on a legend at the bottom of the map.

Information: The address, phone number, website, and contact person for each member is provided.

Indicators: The availability of (1) non-discrimination policies, (2) same-sex benefits, and (3) types of restrooms are indicated for each member in the downloadable resource guide.

Interactive Map

Hover over the icons on the map to display information about each member. Use your mouse to move the view of the map. We will update this as new members participate, so check back regularly. Be sure to check out our members in New Harmony, Boonville, and Newburgh!